working through resources

there are so many resources online and in hard copy, that it’s hard to choose a path and stick with it, without bouncing around to try a bunch of different things. the combination i’ve settled on is working through “Learn to Program” (Pine), codewars to just get presented with fresh problems, and referencing the forums on codecademy. this is in addition to working through Launch School. once i get to the heavier sections of Launch School, i’m sure that will take up a larger portion of my time.

getting serious about coding

i’m going to be jumping into Launch School this weekend. i’ve dabbled with coding here and there for the past 2 years or so, but i want to get me a new career. so these entries are going to be a way for me to document going through this, keeping track of any hiccups i have, and then hopefully having something to look back on and see all the progress i’ve made.

Launch School is appealing to me, because it stresses the mastery approach. i actually learned about Launch School through the St. John’s group, Johnnies in tech, on facebook. it was highly recommended by a fellow johnnie, lauding its sort of ‘crock-pot’ method of slow, steady mastery of the fundamentals of coding. the idea is that the program is teaching you how to learn. and that’s what the underlying theme of St. John’s College is: learning to learn.

so this seems like the right match for me. it’s also one of the more affordable programs with a lot of structure. here goes nothing.